The core of beauty lies in understanding the skin

With around 600,000 cells per square centimetre, the skin is the largest human organ.

For some it is only the border organ of our body, for others it is the mirror of the soul.  In any case, only the skin makes us really visible and gives expression to our individuality.  Reason enough to take a closer look at the functionally versatile organ and to understand its structure. Horny cells are formed from the "topsoil", which are initially still metabolically active, but become increasingly horny on their way to the surface, to finally form the "roof" of our body as horny scales.  The dead skin cells of the epidermis are held together by a kind of fatty cement (made of horny layer lipids).  This cement substance is formed by the still living horny cells.  So you can say: the more metabolically active cells there are in the epidermis, the better it is for its function as a natural protective barrier.  The more dead horn material, the less the epidermis can take care of itself - and the more unattractive, coarser, grayer and older the visible skin structure appears.

Whether the skin appears fine-pored and well moisturized, whether vessels shine through or not, whether a natural glow conjures up youthfulness in the face and an even color - this is what decides the quality of the epidermis.

 The epidermal “topsoil” (basement membrane) is interlocked with the dermis via cones.  The tighter the epidermis and dermis are connected, the better.  The dermis houses fine blood vessels, hair roots with sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerves and connective tissue.  It is the cushion on which the epidermis lies.  The better the dermis or connective tissue is built up, the tighter and firmer our skin appears.

The natural aging process, but also external factors such as UV light, pollutants (e.g. nicotine) or certain medications lead to a breakdown of the connective tissue cushion.  The consequences are clearly visible on the surface: deep wrinkles, loss of contour and an overall tired appearance.

Source text & image: REVIDERM